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Welcome to the official website of Conference Publishing System (CPS). CPS is a subsidiary Conference Proceedings Publication wing of the Association of Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers (ACEEE). The main objective of forming CPS is (1) to provide service to conference organizers to design and maintain conference website, managing and reviewing papers, proceeding publication, Print/CD Media of the proceedings etc; and (2) to market, sell and distribute the products published by the ACEEE and its associate networks.

Managing Conference : All quality conference and papers deserve the widest possible exposure and recognition. Thus a conference managing and publishing system is needed with the expertise to help to achieve the goal. We offer capabilities that no other publishing services can match. The CPS also supports the conference organizers by designing, maintaining and hoisting the conference website; apart from managing the paper submission, reviewing and consolidating the papers.  The Conference Publishing System (CPS) provides high-quality, peer-reviewed conference publications in print, CD, digital and online products. Get a quote today itself to publish with us. We can do the Conference Proceedings Publishing to the SearchDL. Our goal is to make the publishing process as both quality and effortless process as possible for organizers and authors. Associating with the ACEEE’s Conference Publishing System (CPS) provides a range of valuable services.

  • Design, Maintain, and Host conference website
  • Managing the paper submission
  • Maintaining Communication with Authors
  • Reviewing and consolidating the papers
  • Identifying the keynote speakers
  • ACEEE Branding & Technical Co-Sponsorship
  • Professional marketing of the conference
  • Editing, Formatting and Typesetting
  • Obtaining required ISBN/ISSN for publication
  • Copyright protection for the research
  • High-quality production and printing
  • Possible Indexing & Abstracting
  • Inclusion in the Search Digital libraries
  • Post-conference Sales & Distribution
  • ossible Special Issue of the Journal
  • Extended Paper Publication in Journals

Sales & Distribution : The ACEEE and its Associate Networks are publishing a variety of scholarly journals, magazines, conference proceedings, books, and digital products that explore the theory, application, and social implications of Medical, Dental, Computers, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, management, Aeronautics, and Electronics Engineering. Libraries, Institutions and Researchers may subscribe and purchase the same. To learn more about specific publications, please browse the tabs at the left side of this page.

Associate Networks also sponsor, partner, and publishes number of conferences every year, which are recognized by academia and industry worldwide as the most vital collection of consolidated published papers in all the field of medical, engineering and technology and related applications. Libraries, Institutions and Researchers may subscribe and purchase the same.


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