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Individual Membership Fees

ACEEE Membership

The Association of Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers (ACEEE) welcomes all the Engineering Professionals and Technical Engineering Colleges and Universities to join us to exchange information and ideas; in according with our objective to facilitate this, we call upon to network with us. The membership categories include Individual and Institutional. In the Individual member category there are four grades namely Fellow, Senior, Member, Associate Member, and Student.

The ACEEE offers following THREE membership types. Life Member, Honorary Member and Invited Member. Life Member:: To subscribe Life Membership one time (for 10 years) membership fees to be remitted. Honorary Member:: This membership is purely on invitation to the leading Academician and Scientist of the relevant field. Honorary Membership has to be nominated by two members of MCAN and approved by the Governing Council. Invited Member:: One member can invite 10 other members (in every calendar year) to be part of the scientific community to exchange knowledge and information. Invited Membership is for the period of ONE year and can be subsequently extended on invitation by other members.

Membership Type

Life Membership Fee
Senior Member Member Associate Member Student Member
GOLD US $ 150 US $ 150 US $ 150 US $ 125
SILVER US $ 100 US $ 100 US $ 100 US $ 75

SILVER category is intended to member from economically weak countries.

Benefits to Members: In order to create value to its members, the association has planned various schemes and some of them include:

  • Discount on registration fee (generally 10-20%) for all the International Conferences conducted by the IDES and its Associate Network.
  • The members can apply and avail 50% discount on fee for any training courses as and when the announcement is made.
  • The IDES promotes and provides financial support for research work in contemporary areas in IT, Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical.
  • The Members can opt for a Research Group, wherein you can get the updates on recent advancements and issues.
  • The IDES also publishes number of International Journals. Preference (on printing) will be given to Members whose papers are selected for publications.
  • Absolutely free e-access to all the Conference Proceedings and Journals published.

Now you may joint Research Groups which is your area of research. You can also associate with the chapter which is related your origination. You can start a new Research Groups and Chapter if you do not find one. Write to admin @ theaceee.org

Institutional members can start ACEEE Chapter if 7 members (in any category) are attached to the specific institution. » More

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