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The wide spectrum of members is committed to the advancement of the theory and practice of Computer, Electronics and Electrical Engineering and Technology Systems, Science and Engineering, Information Processing and related Arts and Sciences. In order to create value to its members, the association has planned various schemes and some of them include: » » read more


Institutional Membership

ACEEE Membership

The Association of Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers (ACEEE) welcomes all the Engineering Professionals and Technical Engineering Colleges and Universities to join us to exchange information and ideas; in according with our objective to facilitate this, we call upon to network with us. The Institutional membership includes Corporate Institutions and Educational Institutions.

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This is an official Information Management Website of The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists - IDES and its associate network (ACEEE). In this website, members may maintain the profile to manage all the related activities. Researchers and Scholars can part of a research group to discuss the recent advances in research challenges and issues. Organization can start a new chapters if adequate number of members are available in the organization to carry on the activities.

Institutional members can start a new ACEEE Chapter if 7 members (in any category) are attached to the specific institution. You can start a new Research Groups and Chapter if you do not find one. Write to admin @ theaceee.org


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