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ISTE-ACEEE Journals - Journal Paper Registration

Once your paper is accepted for ISTE-ACEEE Journal, the registration for publication phase begins. You have to complete the following FOUR steps.

Step 1 - Publication Fee

It is mandatory that at least one author of an accepted paper may register in order for the paper to appear in the Journal Issue. If an author has got more than one accepted papers, only one paper can be registered for a issue; other papers can be considered for the forthcoming issues. Publishing in Journal and Listing the papers in the SEARCH Digital Library, » more is absolutely at no cost.

Optional Facilities Additional Facility Charges
Indian Authors International Authors
Publication Fee
Editing & Formatting
INR 250
USD 10
Print Media of the Journal
INR 250
USD 10
Postal Charge of the Print Media
INR 100
USD 10

If the authors wish to avail the Editing & Formatting service of the ACEEE staff; then the Editing & Formatting fee is applicable. Authors may also opt to complete the Editing and Formatting as per the guidelines specified by the ACEEE double column format. But we encourage authors to avail the ACEEE Staff service on Editing and Formatting, as the uniformity in the format can be maintained.

Step 2 - Copyright Transfer

All Authors have to sign (for their individual paper) electronics Copyright Transfer Form. The ACEEE copyright form is, available at PDF

Step 3 - Camera Ready Paper Submission

All the camera ready papers must be submitted in both MS WORD and PDF file format; in accordance with the standard ACEEE Double column format. Camera Ready paper must follow the common template for journals; failing this will result in rejection. The ACEEE’s guidelines, available at PDF | WORD

Maximum allowed pages (while submitting the camera ready paper) for different categories are limited to as follows

Paper Category
Page Limit
Full paper
10 Pages
8 Pages
Short Paper
7 Pages

Step 4 - Registration

The Journal payment option link can be visited to have more information on the ACEEE options; please mention your name and paper id at the payment subject. The ACEEE Journal Registration Form can be downloaded, filled and send along with the scanned copy of the proof of payments to journal.admin @


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