The Association of Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers (ACEEE) welcomes all the Engineering Professionals and Technical Engineering Colleges and Universities to join us to exchange information and ideas; in according with our objective to facilitate this, we call upon to network with us. The membership categories include Individual and Institutional.  » » read more


Memorandum of Understanding

The purpose of any ACEEE Memorandum of Understanding is to establish an association with the like mined organisations for the benefit and advancement of research among the engineers; and also to provide a regular platform for their research work, knowledge, information dissemination and exchange.

So far the ACEEE has signed following Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with many Societies, Professional Bodies, Academic Institutions, Research Groups, and Publication organisations, to collaborate and promote Research and Development in the field of Engineering & Technology.



July 2013 : ICG, Iran and IDES, USA section has entered into an MoU for mutual collboration  » more

June 2013 : GIMT, India - to technically support and publish the Conf Proceedigns  » more

Mar 2013 : JNNCE, Bangalore, India - to publish the Conf Proceedigns in SearchDL

Feb 2013 : The Charlesworth Group, Huddersfield, UK has signed an MOU to sell and distribute The ACEEE publications in China region  » more

Jan 2013 : The ISTE, New Delhi, India - to jointly publish 7 journals, Start a Engineering Book Series for ISTE Conf. Proc., and to collaborate on ACEEE conferences.  » more

Dec 2012 : KL University, India - to publish the Conf. Proc. of the ICARET2013  » more

Nov 2012 : The ASDF, India - to hoist 12 ADSF Journals  » more

Oct 2012 : The ProQuest, USA - to Index the ACEEE Journals  » more

Sep 2012 : King Saud University, Riyadh - to publish the Conf. Proc. of the ICCRK2012

Aug 2012 : NMIT College, Bangalore, India - to publish the Conf. Proc. of the ERCICA2013

Nov 2011 : The EBSCO, USA - to Index the ACEEE Journals  » more

Feb 2011 : JIBES University, Jakarta, Indonesia - to start a regional chapter and to monitor the ACEEE activities in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.  » more

Dec 2010 : ILAHIYA College, Kerala, India - to Jointly Organise CEM 2011

Nov 2010 : JNN College, Shimoga, India - to Jointly Organise CEMC 2011  » more

Sep 2010 : Reva College, Bangalore, India - to Jointly Organise ARTCom 2011  » more

Aug 2010 : Menoufiya University, Iran - to Jointly Organise SPIT 2011  » more

Jun 2010 : Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand - to Jointly Organise ICT 2011  » more

Oct 2009 : Binus University, Jakarta, Indonesia - to Jointly Organise ACT 2010  » more

Oct 2008 : The Academy Publisher, Qulu, Finland - to jointly publish the ACEEE Journal IJRTE  » more

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