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The ACEEE has been actively participating in promoting research and development activities, and to disseminate information and knowledge by organising quality international conferences, publishing the journals, and undertaking research projects. To achieve this objective, ACEEE is partnering with like minded organisations, research groups, and universities. At ACEEE, many activities, at many countries, at many level is simultaneously happening.

The purpose of the ACEEE newsletter is to get aware of such updates and recent development to the members and research community at large. At present ACEEE newsletter is publishing quarterly.

Editorial Board

Dr. Janahan Lal (Ilahiya College, India)
Dr. Vinu V Das (Network Security Group, The IDES)

Ms. Jasmine Stephen (Editor, ACEEE News Letter)
Mr. Shibu R (Graphics Designer, ACEEE News Letter)





December 2013 : The ACEEE News Letter Vol. 2, Issue 4 » PDF | HTML
September 2013 : The ACEEE News Letter Vol. 2, Issue 3 » PDF | HTML
June 2013 : The ACEEE News Letter Vol. 2, Issue 2 » PDF | HTML
March 2013 : The ACEEE News Letter Vol. 2, Issue 1 » PDF | HTML

March 2012 : The ACEEE News Letter Vol. 1, Issue 1

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